2016: The Year Of The Small House Movement

The small house movement continues to grow with leaps and bounds, and real progress is beginning to happen, as people are demanding housing choices besides large expensive cookie cutter houses with high taxes and utility bills.

Additionally, the poverty rate is skyrocketing, with more of our fellow citizens facing homelessness and poverty because they cannot afford a place to live.

Homeless Veterans, Families, Seniors

Here is a summary of what’s new in  the small house movement:


From our friends at Tiny House Talk:

City council eliminates zoning codes to allow small houses:

Small House Community In Colorado


Tent City Urbanism shares their year in review, with news about other small house communities popping up across America:

Tent City Urbanism

Square One Villages also has some great news to share, and they will supply the resources needed to set up a community near you:

Square One Villages


We must demand choices in housing, as housing is a human requirement and right, and not a luxury reserved for those with stellar credit and high incomes. One answer to homelessness is small houses, affordable, and easy to construct and retrofit for solar energy.



For the latest news, visit my Facebook Page: Live Green 4 Less

Regular updates, with links to other small house sites and pages.

Pinterest: Live Green 4 Less Small Houses And Cottages, features photos and building plans.









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