Rental Market Very Profitable, Says Bankers.

There you have it, in black and white. Adult kids living in their parent’s basement because they are jobless and/or lower wage earners priced right out of the rental market.

In some cases, mom and/or dad are the basement dwellers in the houses of their adult kids who often times have families of their own.  You see, mom and dad cannot afford the high rents either.

Ah, but don’t feel sad or remorseful  for too long because there is some really good news for the investors, and that is they are profiting handsomely in the rental market, so all is not lost, and the investors have a word of wise for all those jobless basement dwellers: think positive and maybe someday if you get a high paying job, you may actually escape from your subterranean home away from home and into one of their high priced rentals.

So where is the affordable housing and why is it not being built ?

The reason is because, according to the bankers and investors, it’s not profitable. This current arrangement of price gouging while creating eternal everlasting basement dwellers is working out quite well for them.

Color this unacceptable. We must demand housing as a human necessity.



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