A Recent Tour Of Tiny Diamond Homes In Morrison, Colorado

On a recent trip to Colorado, I visited Tiny Diamond Homes, located in Morrison, not far from Denver. I had the pleasure of meeting with and talking to the owner, Cheryl Coates.

I learned a lot about tiny homes on trailers from Cheryl and viewed the interior of a tiny home her company has constructed. I was impressed with the good use of space and quality in construction and materials.

I was impressed with the emphasis on quality and proper design and construction of their tiny homes on trailers. While this concept may not appeal to everyone, there is a market for such dwellings. I have often wondered, though, what would happen if in the process of being transported, it imploded or “de-constructed” into a heap of debris on a roadway somewhere. That would be very sad and a costly mistake that could have been avoided.bcardtinyhomeownerloftcabinetsmain


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