Staggering Poverty And The Cost Of Housing: What We Can Do About This

Have you checked out the cost of rents lately ? I am in the western suburbs of Chicago and the cost of rent for a modest 2 bedroom apartment averages 1400.00 a month and this excludes utilities and assorted others fees. Housing is a human requirement and not a luxury so how did this happen and what can be done to alleviate homelessness caused by out of control rents and low wage jobs.

First, we need to acknowledge that low income-low wages do not automatically equate to crime and blight. In addition, we need to banish the idea that low wage earners are lazy and unmotivated and deserve their lot in life. Sadly, this hateful mindset has been firmly implanted into the psyche of too many people who think that good people have money and bad people do not and they have only themselves to blame for not being able to afford even the basics of housing.

Many college graduates are stuck in job which pay under 15.00/hour and will never be able to afford a home of their own. Still others have lost their retirement funds and depend on only social security to live.

Enter the small house movement.

There are also many others who want a more sustainable lifestyle and they should have choices when it comes to housing.

One solution is small affordable houses in communities with such practical amenities as gardens and greenhouses. By definition, America has become a 3rd world nation:

Here are some creative and practical solutions to the housing crisis:

Here is a link to one of my favorite sites: Tent City Urbanism. Their latest post deals with the zoning challenges facing small house advocates:

There is a wealth of excellent information on Tent City Urbanism’s web page.

For more information on the small house movement, visit us on Facebook: Live Green 4 Less

Pinterest: Live Green 4 Less


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