Where Is The Economic Recovery For Everyone Else ( and what we can do about it )

We have all heard the news; the great economic crash has officially ended. Jobs are coming back and the stock market continues to close at record highs. All this is very good news and cause for celebration on Wall Street but here on Main Street, people continue to suffer homelessness, job loss and economic uncertainty. Here is an article which appeared in the Huffington Post this past week:


The bottom line here is that for millions of people, there will be no economic recovery. They are what is called ” collateral damage..residual damage..throwaway people ” Out of sight and out of mind. What becomes of these people and does anyone care ? I do and so do many other like minded people.

The cost of housing continues to be cost-prohibitive for millions who are on fixed budgets or in jobs which barely pay a living wage, and in may places monthly rents for small 2 bedroom apartments are over 1400.00 a month and this is why affordable housing is a human necessity and not a luxury.

The Answer To The High Cost Of Housing Is Affordable Small Houses

This Genius Project Will Create Small Affordable Houses For People Making Under $15,000/year:


Communities Of Small Houses Gaining Popularity Across America:


From Tent City Urbanism, the latest information on small house communities. Definitely bookmark this excellent site !


Homesteading, Eminent Domain And Small Houses As A Social Necessity To Prevent Homelessness And Economic Hardship

Eminent Domain needs to be used to take blighted and abandoned property for the purpose of social good. Historically, this had been the purpose of eminent domain laws:


It’s about time eminent domain laws were used for the purpose they were designed for, and that is for the public good. Taxing bodies need to start by growing a pair and do the right thing and condemn via eminent domain, land for developing small house communities to prevent the national scourge and scandal of homelessness. This problem will not go away on it’s own, nor can it be ignored.

If eminent domain can be used for private financial gain, then it must be used for public social good. We must demand this of our elected and appointed officials.


Reference Links On Using Eminent Domain For Affordable Housing Needs




Stay tuned for more information on the small house movement.

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