Small Houses For Everyone !

Here is a news story from The Daily Finance which reinforces the need for affordable housing for all Americans:

I received this blog post from another small house advocate and he believes that until ego hierarchy  needs are met by a small house occupant, they will not last in their small house.

I took issue with his post and replied accordingly:

“As an advocate for affordable housing and the small house movement, as well as a former Realtor, housing is a human necessity, just as food and clothing is, and until the cost of housing gets in line with America’s new wage system of 12.00/hour if that, a large segment of our population remains at high risk for homelessness and a total dis-enfranchisement from society.
This is a crisis which must be addressed and cannot be ignored. From the national scandal of our homeless veterans right up to the working poor, the matter of affordable housing must be addressed.

I am not sure if working through hierarchy ego development flow charts solves this effectively. IMO we don’t have time to work through ego related issues when a homeless vet is living under a cardboard box somewhere.”

Luxury houses with all the bells and whistles are still showcased as something we should desire and strive for but truth be told, many people either cannot afford one or choose not to purchase one for their own reasons. Perhaps they want a simple sustainable lifestyle and believe less is more.

Small affordable houses powered with renewable energy ( solar-turbine ) must be built and integrated into communities as viable housing options for everyone.

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