Destiny’s Bridge And The National Disgrace Known As Homelessness

“In this particular case, we see a community of homeless people taking care of themselves without the help of government funding. And sadly, they end up arrested and mistreated by the authorities. Not only that, but they also have destroyed their homes.” (snipped from link below )

Destiny’s Bridge: Tiny Homes for the Homeless Documentary

The ongoing scandal of homelessness needs to be addressed in the context of housing being a human requirement. Instead, some municipalities have decided the best way to deal with this epidemic is to attack, arrest and jail homeless people and destroy their habitat. Many homeless people are veterans, jobless or working poor. We cannot dis-enfranchise these Americans from society simply because they fell between the ever-growing cracks in the economy. Small houses do not equal government subsidized housing or crime clusters but rather living within one’s means. This is a huge problem which will not go away or be swept away. The authorities cannot continue jailing homeless people or “evicting” them from publicly owned land. For the expense of prosecuting and jailing the homeless, small communities can be set up to provide shelter and give people a chance to live and contribute, as many have done in days gone by when things were better for them.

Stereotyping and blaming homelessness on the victims are handy tools in their arsenal of weapons used against the homeless, as if they deserve their lot in life due to “bad choices”, such as joblessness, medical emergencies, and so forth.

Destiny’s Bridge: Tiny Homes for the Homeless Documentary




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