We Love Small Houses And Cottages And Here Are The Reasons Why.

The small house movement is gathering steam across America. From portable dual axle tiny houses built on trailers to permanent structures with small cellars, people are downsizing, mainly due to the economy and cost of living. Others want a simple and sustainable lifestyle.

Housing is a human requirement, just as water and food is, and there needs to be more housing options available to choose from so that the human requirement for housing is met. Many people cannot afford a home of their own anymore because it has become too cost prohibitive. With the new American wage of 12.00/hour, good luck even qualifying for a mortgage. Then there are taxes, lots and lots of various fees and taxes and in some cases, the taxes/fees are more expensive than the actual principle and interest itself. This may be one reason why local zoning boards are reluctant to allow small houses to be built: how to tax them.

It’s time for the zoning boards to get on board with the small house movement.

It is possible to build a small house for 20,000 or less, and there is a emerging market for small houses under 400 sq. feet. One of the obstacles has been local zoning boards and the financing of small houses. I am pleased to announce that in some municipalities, small houses and small house communities are being built with the blessing of the authorities.

Hot Off The Press From Portland, Oregon: Mayor Loves Small Houses


Small houses powered with real safe clean energy, such as solar & wind, would make housing within the reach of a lot more people than the current arrangement has done. The national scandal of homeless veterans is outrageous and obscene. Small houses powered with renewable energy would held end homelessness.


For small house plans, pictures and links, visit us on Pinterest & Facebook: Live Green 4 Less


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